Increased Capacity for Pennies on the Gallon


Evansville, Indiana

Project Scope

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Analysis

Real Time Control Optimization

The City of Evansville faced a collection system capacity shortfall. The option was either follow the traditional approach - costing $2-5 per gallon of capacity - or find an alternative. Evansville found that alternative in EmNet. We built a Real Time Decision Support System to leverage the City’s extensive existing infrastructure system of pumps and valves to significantly reduce overflows at a cost of pennies per gallon of increased collection system capacity.

Real Time Decision Support System will maximize capacity and optimize operation of an existing lift station, the interceptor, and CSO control valves.

The Real Time Decision Support System monitors rain gauges and level & flow sensors throughout the West Side Collection System. This provides real time set-point recommendations to pump station operators in order to balance flows to the treatment plant. By matching future treatment capacity based on all other flows predicted at the plant, overflows are reduced by 100 million gallons per year, and flooding is minimized. The cost per gallon of capacity is now measured in pennies rather than dollars.

The Power of Emnet


Evansville was able to minimize flooding and reduce CSO volume by 100 million gallons. This outcome was achieved at pennies per gallon.