Controlling The Future


San Francisco, CA

Project Scope

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Analysis

Real Time Control Optimization

The City of San Francisco has an extraordinary collection system with ample storage, pumping and treatment capacity. However, given its complex topography and multiple microclimates, the City wanted to optimize its system while getting the most out of all assets during each storm.

EmNet’s initial Real Time Decision Support System in San Francisco is nearly complete and ready for operators to put it to the test.

EmNet is working with San Francisco to integrate Real Time Decision Support in part of the collection system, to provide optimal pumping and storage rate recommendations to operators in real time. The Real Time Decision Support System utilizes assets to their fullest potential, and delivers confidence and consistency of operation by programming in the knowledge and wisdom gained from the operations team.

The Power of Emnet


The Real Time Decision Support System will help the City increase the return on its substantial investment in new infrastructure while providing peace of mind to operators during wet weather events.