EmNet's Flagship Client—One Billion Gallons of Overflow Eliminated.


South Bend, Indiana

Project Scope

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Analysis

Real Time Control Optimization

EmNet's system has empowered the City of South Bend to greatly improve water management throughout the city. With these improvements have come dramatic cost savings to the city in operations and infrastructure planning. South Bend's environmental responsibility has improved as well. The reduction of dry weather and wet weather overflows has created significant positive impacts on the local ecosystem and the Saint Joseph River watershed.

EmNet’s partnership with South Bend has allowed for the development of the world's most advanced Real Time Decision Support System designed and maintained by city staff, and EmNet's Experts.


  • 145 Sensor Nodes

  • 6 Rain Gauges

  • 9 Valves

  • 3 Control Gates

The Power of Emnet


  • Value to operations and maintenance: $1.5 million savings per year

  • Direct cost avoided: $220,000

  • Dry weather overflow reduction: 27 to 1 / year on average

  • Environmental: reduced CSO volume roughly 1 billion gallons annually